Frequently Asked Questions

What is considered a converted call?


A call is considered converted when (A.) The call meets duration if applicable. (B.) All qualifying filters set by you the client have been met and can be confirmed via the call recording. (C.) The consumer is uniquely interested in hearing more about the product being offered and shows real intent during the call. Last but not least (D.) The consumer expresses their own personal financial goals and has the time and desire to discuss them with you live on that very call.

Do you use foreign call centers?


Not unless requested. If you need to save money on your campaign we do offer overseas calls at a discounted price. 

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What if I miss an agents phone call and miss the lead?


Our agent will attempt to call you back (2) times. If after the second attempt the call is not answered the agent will attempt to leave a voice message and post the lead over. If two missed call attempts were completed during the assigned call hours set by you, the client, the call will be considered billable and charged to your account.